Bethany's Winter Routine

Bethany's Winter Routine

As the seasons change, so does my skin.  Sound familiar?  In these dry winter months, I do a few different things to keep my skin looking fresh.  

Read on for my current routine:  

Bethany closeup of face - Hippie Skin Natural Skincare

In the Morning:  

I like to keep it simple with a quick scrub using Hippie Honey, followed by a spritz of Hippie Mist.  Immediately after that, before my face is dry from the Mist, I pump about a quarter pump of Hippie Silk onto my finger, then spread evenly over my entire face in upward motions, including around my eyes.  

Sometimes I'll add in the Golden Hippie eye gel before applying Silk, but not always - I just kind of listen to my skin.  You might find that your skin may need more or less.  That's the beauty of being who we are - we are all different!


In the Evening:  

If I wear makeup, I'll use Hippie Luxe to gently remove all makeup.  I rinse with warm water and use a microfiber cloth to remove all dirt, then apply a little Hippie Silk all over my face.  That's it!

If I'm not wearing makeup, I'll use a little Hippie Honey formulated with Castile soap for a quick rinse, followed by Hippie Mist and Hippie Silk as above.  


Every other Week:  

I exfoliate with either the Hippie Skin charcoal detox masque or the chocolate mud masque in the shower, and then I use a natural face self tanner following exfoliation to add in a little color during the cold and sunless months.  My current favorite is this one:  Beauty by Earth Face Self Tanner.  It blends really well and lasts a long time!  A little bit goes a long way.  They do also have a body one that I use as well, although not as often as that one is a bit stronger.  


What kinds of things do you do during the winter to keep your skin routine fresh?  

We'd love to hear from you!  Comment below!


Bethany is the founder and CEO of Hippie Skin and HEAL Yoga Studio located in Ogden UT.  She loves all things natural, is passionate about creating balance in life, and loves everything outdoors.  When she's not working, you can find her playing in the mountains or sailing with her husband Taylor.  


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