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3 Beauty Hacks for Hassle Free Makeup

But seriously.

Have you SEEN those girls who look like they're runway ready every day?! Do you wonder, like I do, how on EARTH they are able to do that? I mean, I'm a hippie, so I like a natural look. Sometimes I like to get all glammed up, but I really really loathe spending time in the bathroom when I could be doing waaaay cooler things like hanging with my hippie framily.
My bestie is amazing with makeup, and lucky for us, she's shown me a few time saving hacks that really make a difference. Since I'm not one to keep secrets, here are 5 steps to take your makeup to the next level:
1. MAKEUP PRIMER. For real y'all. It's so dang necessary! I was one of those once... who just put more and more makeup on until it looked okay... and then it wore off quickly and I wondered why I was spending so much money on makeup. I've been there. Then I started using primer and my world was changed forever! I recommend the one I make, of course, which also doubles as an intensive serum. Find it here. Just put it on after cleansing and rest assured knowing it's helping your skin, providing moisture while priming. It's a win win! Wait about 5 mins or more before applying makeup and you're set!

2. BRONZER. I once saw on one of those TV street interviews something that I can't forget, so it must be important. This adorable 60 something Brooklyn-ite was giving advice on how to meet the right man - she said, "Never leave the house without wearing bronzer. You never know where you're going to run into Mr. Right." Or something to that effect. I don't know why that stuck with me - especially since I have found my Mr. Right, but ya know. Maybe she was just that cute.
So... what's so special about bronzer? It can provide contour, as well as color even in the dullest months of winter, giving you a glow that's sure to be noticed.

Using a fluffy face brush, dip into your mineral powder (we recommend this kind) and swirl the brush tip around in the lid of your container. Tap off the excess, and then suck your cheeks in (like a fish) and apply following the line created by your skinny girl face. Don't worry about blending yet. We cover that in step 3.
Bonus: Take the excess around the top of your forehead and under your jawline for extra contour.
Boom baby. You're bronzed! Need a good bronzer? We recommend Hippie Dust in Copper.
3. BLENDING: I never did this until my bestie showed me how nice it complements bronzing. So here we go: I like to use either a loose mineral powder or a pressed powder. Make sure you choose one that's closest to your skin tone.

Using the same brush as in step one, do the same thing to get the powder on the brush. Start underneath the line created by your bronzer, and blend the powder onto your face, moving across your chin and to the other side. Reapply powder, then take the brush up and over your cheekbone, blending the high line of the bronzer, and highlighting your cheekbones and nose. Finish with a touch to the forehead.

You'll be amazed at what this does to draw the attention upward to your eyeballs!
So there you have it - hassle free beauties! And for those of you who are FAR more visual than reading all of this, I've included a video of my bestie glamming me up with all the goods!
Check it out below, but pinky swear you won't judge us cause we don't know how to YouTube. :D
Thanks for watching!
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