Because Hippies can get their shimmer on if they want to!

These pigments go a LONG way, so start out sparingly!  We also use as bronzer, eyebrow fill and eyeliner.  #sparkleboom  

SOL:  A light and airy pigment - we like to use for highlight under the brows or on the tops of the cheekbones. 

COPPER:  As the name would suggest, this is an excellent bronzer or dusting for the eyelid to provide some contour and a hint of summer color. 

COCOA:  Deep and rich with a little shimmer, we like to use this to fill in our brows, at the corner of the eyes for depth and shadow, and with a wet brush as eyeliner for the top of the eyelid.

SAND:  Light and airy, muted shadow.  We like to use this as highlight or a full coverage on the eye when we're keeping it simple.

EARTH:  A matte pigment with lots of depth, this color is great on the eyelids or as a bronzer or eyeliner.  

FIRE:  As the name suggests, this matte pigment is fiery!!  Use it when you want to make a statement on the eyes, as eyeliner, or even as a brow fill if you've got fiery tones!


INGREDIENTS:  Micas, Oxides.

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We stand by our commitment to glass packaging, and these little bitties are in adorable glass jars with lined lids.  

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