Bethany's Top 5 Favorite Natural Products

Bethany's Top 5 Favorite Natural Products

Straight Up.

I'm a natural girl, through and through.

I'm that girl in the store, reading the back of EVERY bottle, scanning the list of ingredients for anything I put in or on my body.  I'm Earth conscious and will always pay more for products and brands who have a strong emphasis on sustainability.  I have done my research and I know what to look for.  So let's talk natural:  

1.  Hyaluronic Serums

Living in a dry, high mountain desert, moisture is imperative!  Hyaluronic serums have been life changing for me.  Right now I can't live without the Golden Hippie Cooling Eye Gel.  

WHY I LOVE IT:  It's packaged in a glass roller, it's ingredients are sourced sustainably and are fair-trade, it's vegan, and it's plumping.  BONUS:  Put it in the fridge and roll under your eyes after you've had a good cry.

PRO TIP:  Make sure you follow it with a moisturizer; otherwise your environment may pull the moisture from the serum, as it's a humectant.  

2.  Reusable makeup remover cloths. 

Whoever thought of this is brilliant!  I love single use makeup remover cloths.  I don't wear makeup often but when I do it's nice to have a single use option for removing it. 

WHY I LOVE IT: These bamboo circles are environmentally friendly, uber soft, and machine washable.  Plus they come with a little laundry bag.  Find the set I use HERE.

3.  NYMN Hair Products.

I'm honestly not sure why this company isn't more popular.  Maybe it's because the price point is super low, which is awesome!  A few of my favorites:  Blonde Moment shampoo, conditioner and leave in, Charcoal Detox shampoo (a must if you're living with hard water or air pollution), Curl Talk Mousse.  I buy these products at Ulta.

WHY I LOVE IT:  Most of their products are curly girl method approved, and I love their price point.  Their products work better on my hair than a lot of the more expensive ones, and they are simply formulated as far as natural hair care goes.  

4.  Innersense Organic Beauty Hair Products.

Okay, this brand is a bit expensive, but if you're in need of some amazingly soft hair, then it may be worth it for you.  It's also CGM approved.  They do have a discount code for new customers on their website - check it out HERE.

WHY I LOVE IT:  I often joke that this brand is the Hippie Skin of natural hair care.  It's truly organic and natural (they still use plastic so that's not my fave) and the best part?  Their products come with cute little affirmations.  Win!

5.  Honey.

I know, it's a little weird, and it's not vegan, but holy cow is it amazing.  I use it on my face, in my hair, and I ingest it at the first sign of a cold or virus (bonus - hot toddy anyone?)  

WHY I LOVE IT:  Bees are incredibly amazing creatures. I've grown up with tons of allergies my entire life. My mom used to make me take those awful tasting bee pollen pills, but they really did help. It makes sense, since the bees travel all around and pick up the different pollens, ingesting it can help with allergies by exposing your body to small amounts at a time.  It's the same concept as allergy shots.  Honey has antibacterial properties, which is why I love using it on my face.  It's also a humectant, and I love using it as a conditioning cleanse for my hair.  Check out my favorite honey scrub HERE.

What are your favorite natural products?  Do you love supporting sustainable, eco-conscious and fair trade brands?  Tell us what's important to you when shopping natural!


Bethany is the founder and CEO of Hippie Skin and HEAL Yoga Studio located in Ogden UT.  She loves all things natural, is passionate about creating balance in life, and loves everything outdoors.  When she's not working, you can find her playing in the mountains or sailing with her husband Taylor.  


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