A gentle, invigorating natural daily scrub that sloughs away dead skin, fights bacteria, and leaves skin soft and vibrant. Formulated with essential oils that support aging skin, this cleanser is a must have for a natural daily routine! 

SCENT:  Lavender and honey, yum!

Please note, your honey may look a little different than pictured.  This is due to ongoing supply chain shortages due to Covid.  We do our best to make sure it's still awesome, no matter what it looks like!!  Thanks for your understanding!

4 oz glass jar. Ships within 2 business days.


Massage onto face and rinse well with warm water. For best results, follow with Hippie Mist and Hippie Luxe. BONUS: Leave on skin for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Follow with Hippie Mist and Hippie Luxe. We also recommend using Hippie Honey with our Hippie Scrubs 1-2 times per month for deep exfoliation. Great for all skin types.

**NOTE: Do NOT put this jar in the shower. We strongly recommend putting HippieHoney on skin before getting in to avoid breakage.

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Raw Honey Raw Honey:  Opens pores, cleanses & moisturizes. Antioxidant, antibacterial, & anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce scarring and promote skin regeneration. The natural sugar crystallization and glycolic acid contained in raw honey gently sloughs away dead skin cells, promoting cleaner, healthier skin.

Lavender EOLavender Essential Oil: Promotes skin healing, reduces redness, and promotes blood circulation, which provides more oxygen & nutrients to skin. Tones and firms. 

Carrot Seed Essential Oil: Promotes skin health through infection fighting and antiseptic properties. Tightens pores and skin to combat sagging skin and fine lines.

Olive Castile (Used in 4 oz aluminum pumps only).  This gentle emollient hydrates while creating a soft lather.


Rachel - Hippie Skin