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I have blackheads and small bumps all over my face. In one week my pores have shrunk (they used to be so big!) and my bumps are going away . I love the all natural line and it's so easy to use ! My skin feels so smooth and moisturized!  
Mariah S, NC

"I love that there are NO artificial ingredients and the products feel and smell delicious! So far, I have noticed some of my deep pimples are finally starting to surface and my pores seem to be loosening up. Plus, my skin just feels cleaner. I can't wait to see what more time with these products will do! Thanks hippieskin! I'm excited to see what else you will come up with in the future!"  
Melissa D, UT

"Your products have CHANGED MY SKIN! Seriously, I was ready to go to the dermatologist and get some heavy scripts because my acne was getting out of control. I CANNOT thank you enough! "
Ashleigh B, West Jordan


Image on left, before Hippie Skin.  Image on right:  6 months later.

(Small breakouts cleared and skin tone evened within about 2 weeks - deep cystic acne took about 6 mos) 

My before and after is embarrassing to say the least... I don't know how to selfie!  The regimen I used was Hippie Luxe, Hippie Honey, and Hippie Mist as outlined in the Hippie System on our blog.  As the formulator/owner of Hippie Skin, I can honestly say it has changed my life and my skin - and my hope is to share my knowledge/products and empower all I encounter to Love their Faces! 

~ Bethany 

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