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AJ Hunt

The Hippie System is simple - follow these easy steps for a simply great skin care regimen!
STEP ONE:Cleanse. We don't need to iterate how important cleansing is, but it IS important to mention that skin regenerates at night while we sleep, so having a clean, well moisturized face at bedtime is imperative for ageless, healthy skin! For best results with Hippie Skin, you'll want to cleanse 2 times per day. Here's how we do it:
A.M. In the morning, place a small amount of Hippie Honeyon the fingertips, then mix with a little water to make it more pliable. Apply to face in upward circular motions, and leave on as long as you like, i.e. while you brush your teeth, before you get in the shower, etc. Rinse well with warm water, using a microfiber cloth to remove any traces of dirt or extra honey. 
Step One:  
STEP TWO:Tone. Hippie Honey and Hippie Luxe open up the pores for deep cleansing, so it's VERY important to follow with a toning spray.  Hippie Mistis formulated with soothing essential oils and witch hazel to gently tone the skin, providing a protective barrier for bacteria and dirt, and it prepares the skin for moisture.  
Shake well, hold a few inches from the face and mist over the skin.  NOTE:  If your skin is very oily, it may not be necessary to moisturize after this step.  Listen to your skin!
Step Two:
STEP THREE: Moisturize! Hippie Luxe is not only a great cleanser, but moisturizer as well.  After cleansing and toning, apply Hippie Luxe to the face in small amounts as needed.  It's best to do right after cleansing, as the skin will absorb it best.  If it feels oily, gently blot with a microfiber cloth.  Hippie Luxe is also a fabulous makeup primer and works very well with mineral powder.  
P.M.  Before bed, apply Hippie Luxeto the face in upward circular motions, using more than you would to moisturize.  Massage into face, allowing the oils to break up dirt and remove makeup.  For added benefit, place a hot microfiber cloth over the face until it cools to allow the pores to open up and provide a deeper cleanse.  Rinse with warm water.  It is not necessary to scrub the face; however, if you wear a lot of makeup you can use the microfiber cloth to gently remove any extra dirt.  Follow with Hippie Glow for an ageless treatment or Hippie Luxe for added moisture.  
Step 3:
BONUS:  Apply Hippie Luxe to the entire body, then step into a hot shower or bath.  It is not necessary to cleanse the skin - simply step out and blot dry with a towel and enjoy luxuriously soft skin!  **Also great for cracked heels. 

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