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How to Use Hippie Dust as a Contour

Have you ever seen that video where the girl is on a date and the guy is like, "Why do you have dirt on your face?"

And she's like, "It's my contour... it looks great in photos." And she really does look ridiculous.
My bestie calls it "skinny girl face" and there IS a way to do it without looking like you just ran your face through a puddle of mud. I'm going to show and tell you how! Well, really my bestie is. Because I don't really know what I'm doing, but she taught me everything I know about makeup, so that's cool.
So basically, here's a short clip of said bestie applying and explaining what contour is, and how to do it. On me, she used our Hippie Dust in Cocoa, which you can also use on your eyebrows, as an eyeliner, AND as an eyeshadow. So it's pretty dope.
Check it out:
There you have it. Contouring, shading, filling, and lining all with one cute little pigmented mineral powder. Check out our full lineup HERE.
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Thanks for watching and reading! Namaste!
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