Cause Hippies are too Pretty to Pay for Parking...

Or something like that.  Basically, we're out living our lives and don't have time for all these layers and baking and whatever else people are doing to their faces these days!  We just want a quick solution that evens skin tone on bad days and provides a little protection in the sunshine. 

Right.  So, Hippie Dust Foundation:  Super easy, lightweight, amazing mineral coverage with a little sun protection.  Oh yeah, and it's vegan.  A little bit goes a long way, and our jar is sure to last you sooooo much longer than any other minerals you may have used before!  If you like fuller coverage, just add a little more to your brush - our dust is very versatile.  We recommend using our minerals with Hippie Glow makeup primer for best results!

When you wanna look fresh but don't wanna fuss, get out your Hippie Dust!

Our Love Your Face kit includes a full size foundation, a concealer of your choice, and a Bamboo Buki Brush.  They are seriously adorable.  Packaged in a cute little hemp bag, this set fits easily in your drawer or your bag. 

Please note, we cannot accept returns on opened items at this time - if you're not sure which color to choose, check out our Hippie MINI Swatches and match em up!


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Ships within 2 business days.