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Kajal is an eyeliner traditionally made and worn in India.  It is believed that this Ayurvedic formulation is very beneficial to the health of the eyes, providing healing benefits of Vitamin E, protection from infection, and it can enhance the color and strength of the eyelashes as well.  

We hippies over here at Hippie Skin are in LOVE with Kajal.

So naturally, we made a kit!  Our Kajal is made in house, in small batches using the traditional brass lamp and copper plate.  We use only 3 ingredients, ensuring your sensitive waterline is protected with only the purest quality Kajal.

Your kit includes a tin of Kajal, an application brush, and an instruction card for use. We recommend using with our Hippie Lashes Mascara for a natural, dramatic eye.  Remove the look safely and effectively with Hippie Luxe moisturizer and makeup remover.

Go on then, get a smoky eye that's actually GOOD for your skin!

INGREDIENTS:  Kohl Pigment (from Castor Oil), Organic, Unrefined, Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Yellow Unrefined Beeswax.

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