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Hippie Scrub Kit

Hippie Skin

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Hippie Scrub Kit

Go On Hippie!  Get Your Scrub On!

With 2 convenient kits to choose from, you can't go wrong!

REJUVENATE:  Rich notes of roasted coffee grinds give your senses some much deserved pampering, while larger particles remove debris from pores.  

AGELESS:  A smoother, softer scrub with rich cocoa and antioxidant power - smaller particles still remove debris from pores, but is recommended for more sensitive or mature skin.

We recommend using anywhere from 1x per week to once per month. 

HIPPIE TIP:  Our scrubs are dry scrubs, meaning you can use less, and they'll last you a lot longer!  Take a pinch in the palm of your hand, add 2 pumps of Hippie Silk, then massage into skin.  Leave on for a masque effect if desired, then rinse well.  Follow with Hippie Mist and your favorite Hippie Oil blend for moisture.  Then show off how amazingly soft your skin is!

*We also like to use this as a whole body exfoliator - just mix in a bowl and apply in the shower.  YUM!

Ships within 4 business days.

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