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Hippie Aura Perfume *SEASONAL*

Hippie Skin

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Hippie Aura Perfume *SEASONAL*

This one time, we ordered some vials, and they turned out to be horribly wrong for what we needed.  So, instead of chucking them, we decided to do something nice for our planet and make an adorable little stocking stuffer that smells irresistible - and not like a hippie at all.  

These are SINGLE BATCH and we will not be restocking them.  Once they're gone, they're gone - but we do hope you enjoy this little treat!  

SCENT:  Vanilla and Black Currant with a hint of Rose and Neroli 

INGREDIENTS:  Golden Jojoba Oil, Vanilla, Black Currant Fragrance Oil, Rose, Lavender, Neroli Essential Oils.  

* Ships within 4 business days.