Don't wanna commit until you can try it?  No worries!  We got you!  

We made you a cute little kit that includes a sampling of 3 shades of Hippie Dust and our yellow concealer.  Each sample includes between 3-7 uses depending on skin tone.  

Add on a sample of Hippie Glow makeup primer for just $5! (lasts about 1-2 weeks on average)


Hippie Dust shadows:  shimmer and matte pigments.  Variety pack - it will have 3 different colors so you can get a feel for our pigments.

Hippie Concealer in yellow.  Use under eyes or as a brightener or to cover dark spots.  

*Items may appear different than photos - SAMPLE sizes only. 


Ships within 2 business days.  

For more info about the ingredients we use in our makeup, click HERE

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