Caffeinate and Hydrate:

A womanpreneur podcast: The struggles, the eye rolls, the laughter, the tears - cause let's be real: There's a lot of tears. And coffee. Lots of coffee.  Jami and Bethany, two Utah business owners, break it down while drinking coffee and talking shop. See what it's REALLY like to be a small business owner AND a woman.

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Our Most Recent Episode:  

This week we talk about how quarantine brings out the more "interesting" bits of all of us and how we all deal with trauma differently, creative ways we are finding to make coffee, and the psychology of pandemics. READ: We are not experts nor do we profess to be! Just so we're clear, haha.

We also talk about the LinkedIn boom and our favorite tools that we use on the daily as small business owners. If you're looking for some gems and real concrete takeaways that you can use today, give our womenpreneur vlog a listen or watch!