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3 Ways to Win at Social Distancing

Let's Face It.  

Social distancing is the pits.  

We can't hang out with our friends, we can't go out to eat, we can't travel, we can't even go to work!  While some of us are taking the bull by the horns and becoming domestic AF, some of us are really struggling.  And we are here to say, we see you boo.  Whether you're on home improvement project #7 or you're having a hard time getting out of bed, we just want to remind you that however you choose to deal with all this uncertainty is OKAY.  

It sucks.  Say it with me:  IT. FREAKING. SUCKS.  It's also history being made, every day.  So that's kind of cool if you're a history buff.  But also, not spreading disease is, and should be our number one priority, no matter how badly we hate staying home.  Even if you're like me and woke up to freaking Mother Earth having a party about 8 km underground yesterday.  A 5.7M earthquake was SO not what we needed right now, amiright??  So... to keep things moving smoothly in domestic-land, I wanted to offer up some tips and tricks for surviving.... err... I mean, distancing.  

First and foremost:  

Let your people talk about it.  This should be a given, but sometimes we need a reminder.  It's so easy to feel isolated.  We are humans.  We crave connection.  This is why we live in societies!  You're probably super sick of hearing about COVID-19 right now, and tbh so are we, but if one of my humans is fixated and needs to talk about how it makes them feel, I'm gonna let em.  If your kids are struggling, talk about how it makes them feel.  Have them show you where they feel the stress in their body.  Let them know it's normal to be scared, angry, etc.  Help them acknowledge their feelings so they can process and be on their merry little way.  The same goes for adults!  We don't need to be strong all the time.  This is a crappy situation and we need to process that.  

Find creative ways to use pantry items.

It doesn't just have to be for eating.  For example, did you know that rice water (yeah, the leftover stuff from after you boil it?) can be used in your hair as a repair mask, or on your face as a gentle cleansing toner?  Or that you can use raw cocoa mixed with some coffee grounds and sugar for a delicious smelling face and body scrub?  The options are endless!  We'll provide a few recipes below - have a spa day with your humans and enjoy the luxuriousness of homemade skincare!  Recipes not your thing?  We brought back our coffee scrubs for a limited time.  Grab one HERE.

Rice Water Treatment for Skin:  After boiling rice, save water in glass mixing bowl or container.  After it cools, apply to face with a cotton ball after cleansing.  Store in tightly sealed container at room temperature.  It may ferment after a few days, and it's still okay to use (fermented products are great for our bodies!) but use your discretion.  If it doesn't seem right, toss it!

Rice Water Treatment for Hair:  Massage rice water onto clean, wet hair in the shower.  May use a bowl underneath to soak your strands if you wish.  Leave on for 3-5 mins, then rinse and follow with a deep conditioner.  The protein in rice water is great for healing the hair shaft, and helps restore structure to hair.   

Cocoa Body Scrubs by Hippie Skin

Simple Coffee/Cocoa Scrub for Face & Body:

1 tbsp raw cocoa

1 tbsp coffee grounds

3 tbsp raw sugar

1 tbsp oil of choice.  We recommend olive, hempseed, sesame, or avocado.

Mix together in small bowl.  Apply in upward circular motions to the skin on face, and all over body if you wish.  It gets messy!  Be sure to do this in the shower or bath.  

Make goals and stick to a schedule.

Trust me on this one. I'm in quarantine day #12 and it's paramount.  Having a schedule helps alleviate the temptation to read all the news and find all the articles about everything that's going on.  Not that it's a bad thing to have knowledge - but it can swallow you up and set a rather anxious stage for those with a propensity for it.  Set a schedule for the day that includes some of the following:

Fitness: I alternate strength training with cardio/yoga. For strength training, I use the app Fitbod, which customizes your workout based on experience level and equipment available.  For cardio, I have a stationary trainer bike, or if the weather is nice, we hit the trails with our mountain bikes.  For yoga, I use HEAL Yoga Studio's online virtual classrooms.  It's like being in an actual studio.  You can talk to the instructor and everything, but you do it from your living room.  I aim for at least 30 min each day and give myself a break when my body is feeling overloaded.  

Fresh Air: I walk my dogs or go on a hike if the weather is nice. Make sure to keep a distance of 6 feet from other humans out there!  I find it's best to frequent the less known paths in your neighborhood or mountains if they're available to you.  Not sure?  Check out TrailForks, which has information about trails in your area, including difficulty, length, scenery and ratings.  

Work: Yes, work!  If your home/job allows it, structuring your day with regular work tasks can be incredibly fulfilling in a socially distanced environment.  Can't work?  Give yourself some home jobs: Rotating out laundry, washing things that usually don't get washed regularly, cleaning baseboards and walls, sanitizing surfaces, etc.  It sounds boring, I know, but it can be really helpful to stay busy.

Self-Improvement or Self Care: Read a book or take the time to learn a new skill.  What have you been wanting to do but just haven't had the time?  Make a list and start working your way down it. 

Preparing Meals:  How Betty Crocker of me to suggest it, right?  I've actually found it to be quite soothing.  I love cooking, and I actually find myself looking forward to it during this down time.  Get creative!  Inventory what you've got on hand and look for new ways to cook the same old things.  There's a certain joy in providing sustenance for your loved ones.  Maybe I am old fashioned after all.  

What have you been doing to stay grounded and busy?

Tell us about it!  We'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Stay safe out there!  

~ Bethany

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