Small Businesses Are a Big Deal

Small Businesses Are a Big Deal

What is all the Shop Small hype about?

Supporting small businesses provides a great foundation for being an active member of your community. In 2018 46.3% of all Utah employees worked for small businesses (That’s me!!!) small businesses play an important role in the U.S. economy making up 99.9% of American businesses. 

I was lucky enough to land my first job as an employee for Hippie Skin in 2016. It seems like I’m being paid to say that, but go back on the social media timelines and you’ll see a gap in my employment. 

I worked for a few big-name corporations after leaving Hippie Skin in 2019. I won’t drop any names, but let me tell you it was Hell! After a number of H.R. and OSHA reports, I tapped out. I was relieved to find out there was still a place for me among the hippies. 

I have gotten to meet many of the small business owners in Ogden and will hopefully meet many more. All of them sticking together through this rough year. It is so important to support local businesses when you can, now more than ever. 34% of small businesses have closed since January 2020.

It’s been a rough and isolated year filled with fear and loss for many, but with hope, we will soon be able to get out of our houses and rebuild our communities.


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Aj is the Shippy Hippie here are Hippie Skin. She enjoys working and spending time with her boyfriend. She writes blog posts for her work and occasionally for a film history website. She hopes to eventually publish a few short stories and maybe a book.
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