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My name is Megan and I'm 35 years old.  I have fair, sensitive and mostly dry flaky skin with a sometimes oily t-zone. 

I have used a bunch of facial products over the years and Hippie Skin is the best by far!!

I have used the Honey, Luxe and Glow daily for about a year and boy the difference in my skin!  My face isn't dry or oily anymore.  It made my complexion more even and my skin softer.  I was never one that had acne until my last son was born and I broke out while pregnant.  I used a high end acne treatment and it literally burnt my skin!  Since his birth I get the occasional hormonal breakout but this has really helped with that too! 

I rarely wear foundation anymore because my skin looks fantastic!(my picture is makeup free except my eyes) I Love, love, love these products!  I tell everyone about them.  I can't wait to try other things too like Silk for my dry skin! 

Thanks so much, I'm going to be a Hippie for life ❤

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