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I first came across Hippie Skin about four years ago when my best friend handed me a jar of what I thought was just honey to use for face wash.  I was doubtful but experimenting with non-department store based washes.

My skin has gone through a lot in the last six years - I have had extreme eczema that lasts for months and is unbearable when it comes to many types of soaps.

Hippie Skin has been my saving grace during and after breakouts.  Hippie Honey soothes irritated skin, turning it right back to feeling fresh and natural; glowing.

The whole Hippie Skin line from the start has had me excited each night for washing, moisturizing and for my weekly spa like nights where I use my Hippie Honey, Hippie Scrub as a deeper set wash.

I love how my skin feels after using Hippie Skin on a daily basis!


Utah, USA

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