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After I had a baby 2 years ago, I got more concerned about what was going on me and in me, since it was going in my baby too; as I was giving her breast milk. This is also about when I began my Hippie Skin journey. 

For Hippie Fresh, I followed the detox instructions, and was pleasantly surprised that after a few days I literally stopped sweating.  Then I went back to work doing 8-16 hour nursing shifts. This was the true test. I was so paranoid I'd have coworkers smell me. They said they couldn't smell anything! 

Hippie Skin is tried and true. I have yet to find one Hippie Skin Product that hasn't had positive effects on my skin and in my life. (As cheeseball as that sounds-I'm serious). 

 I use the Hippie Luxe on myself, 2 year old, newborn and dog!

Erin and baby Rory

Pennsylvania, US

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