Learning to Use Natural Skincare

Glowing, youthful skin starts with one thing:  ROUTINE. 

Our skin, much like our bodies, needs routine to remain healthy.  Imagine if you didn't sleep at night... what would happen to your brain, your organs?  What if you didn't eat?  Our skin is the same way.  It has needs, and when we meet those needs, it's happy and healthy!  Now, we can't always have perfect skin, because life is full of those pesky little stressors that can throw us out of whack.  But we can take steps to minimize the effects our environment has on our skin! Follow our guide below when learning to use natural skincare:

So, what does our skin need?  

ONE:  It needs water.  We know... you hear it all the time, drink more water!  This couldn't be more imperative for your skin.  Hydrated skin cells can more effectively flush out toxins, allowing your skin to function at its best!  

TWO:  It needs sleep.  Like, fuhreal.  If your skin is constantly breaking out and you can't figure out why, take a look at your sleep patterns.  The more solid of a routine you can get, the happier your skin (and brain, and body) will be!  

THREE:  It needs to be cared for.  There are 3 basic topical needs for skin.  It needs to be cleansed regularly, toned, and hydrated.  It needs good, high quality ingredients in skin care.  This doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune - our Hippie System is affordable and sustainable - plus we don't use fillers so you get high quality that lasts an average of 2-3 months. #you'rewelcome.

Read more about the Hippie System below for tips on how to use it and how to effectively care for your skin! 


The Hippie System is simple - follow these easy steps for a simply great skincare regimen!

Hippie Skin Step One:  Cleanse

Hippie Honey Instructions

Hippie Mist Instructions by Hippie Skin


BONUS:  Apply Hippie Luxe to the entire body, then step into a warm shower or bath.  It is not necessary to cleanse the skin - simply step out and blot dry with a towel and enjoy luxuriously soft skin!  **Also great for cracked heels. 

More of a Visual Learner?  Check Out our Video Tutorial!

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