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Why Does My Oil Blend Melt in the Sun?

We believe that one of the very important factors that sets Hippie Skin apart from other natural skin care lines is that of wax and butters.  Most natural products contain Shea butter or beeswax.  At Hippie Skin, we make a point not to include these in our oil-blended products.  Why, you ask?
First, we'll state that we don't consider them to be bad for the skin - we love natural products!  However, waxes and butters are not as easily absorbed into the skin as oils are.  Butters and waxes sit on top of the skin, providing a barrier, which makes them great at protecting the skin, but if the other good-for-skin ingredients can't penetrate the butters or waxes, they can't penetrate your skin and provide the benefits your skin loves.  
By excluding these things from our products, we're allowing the oil blends to penetrate your skin and support assimilation by the body, which in turn supports benefits not only to the skin but to the internal organs and body systems.  Ever notice a boost of energy after applying your Hippie Luxe?  Coconut oil is said to have energetic therapeutic benefits within the body!  
Waxes and butters provide temporary moisture, while oils get in and hydrate inside and out.  Your skin will stay softer, longer, and your body will thank you!
HIPPIE TIP:  If your oil blends melt, move them to a cool dark place. It's even okay to put them in the fridge!  Don't worry if they melt, they'll re solidify when they are cool again and you're good to go!
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