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Shea Butter... Why Does it Matter Where it Comes From?


It comes directly from Ghana and it's seriously sustainable, which we love.  It's also fair-trade, which we love even more.  It also helps support widows in small villages.  So next time you feel super moisturized and marvel at the richness of our products containing shea butter, you can also feel good about supporting women in Ghana. 

More about FairTaleGhana, our supplier for raw shea butter:

SHEA BUTTER - Food for the skin. Fuel for thought.

FairTaleGhana's Shea butter is mostly produced by widows.
These women share a common dream - to send their children and grandchildren to school.  This is why we get giggling happy about every single client! For each client who chooses FairTaleGhana, more women in the world can live independently with the fairest of goals to educate their loved ones.

ETHICAL TRADE - The Beauty of a Balanced Business.

Just like you, we believe in fair business where both producers and consumers take home the benefits from their product. How to get there, hand in smooth hand?  To start, the butter makers need to begin receiving fair wages. And this is where you and I come in - we can all start with paying attention to where our Shea butter comes from. This is a simple but powerful step in making sure that those involved receive their fair share.  Together, we are ready to prove that ethical success is possible.

SERIOUSLY SUSTAINABLE - We love our planet.

Our factory in Ghana is located in the best place in the world for the wild Karite trees to grow. It is a clean environment, free of chemicals and pesticides.
This means that FairTaleGhana's Shea butter is also free of anything dodgy. It is sustainably produced and traditionally handcrafted from start to finish. Just like it was done a century ago. And a century before that.
(Taken from FairTaleGhana literature. For more information visit their site at FairTaleGhana)
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