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Many people I encounter openly balk at the notion of using oil blends to combat their oily skin.  

As their wheels begin turning, I see the skepticism mounting and their eyes searching for the lunacy they know must be hiding under my "knowledgeable" facade.  

The oil cleansing concept is actually quite simple.  

When we have oily skin, our skin is producing too much oil, causing a build-up of sebaceous secretions in the pores, leading to enlarged pores, pimples, and acne.  When our skin is too dry, our skin isn't producing enough oil, and it causes our skin to become tight and flaky, which in addition to discomfort, can cause our skin to have an appearance of early aging due to much needed hydration.

The skin care industry has educated us to the following "facts":

If your skin is oily, you must dry it out.  
If your skin is dry, you must hydrate it.
The truth is, only one of these "facts" is actually fact.  Can you guess which one?
Let's discuss.  What if you combat oil with oil, and you hydrate with oil?  Stay with me here.  It's a little known fact that oil actually dissolves oil.  So... IF, instead of drying out oily skin, we work to moisturize it with oil, and the oil breaks down the oil in our pores, imagine what happens next!  And what if "oil" has the ability to penetrate pores and provide moisture from the inside out?  AND what if oil blends actually have the natural (oh, we LOVE that word) support to balance the pH in skin?  And what if we have to use less oil since it hydrates better?  This means it lasts longer, you spend less $$, we make less product, and we reduce our impact on both nature AND waste (and your wallet).  WHOA.  

So basically oil cleansing is awesome.  It supports balance on BOTH ends of the spectrum.  What if you have normal skin?  Great!  Oil blends support an ageless appearance by hydrating just as much as your skin needs!

Okay, so now the skepticism is giving way to curiosity. The next step to proving that I am in fact not insane is to take a leap of faith and try it for yourself.  Please note that there are many ways to use our oil blends, but in keeping with the basics, I'm going to explain just one:
Step 1:  Open your bottle and take a deep whiff of the deliciousness that's about to happen to your skin.  It's important!  
Step 2:  Place a small amount of oil on your fingertips and gently begin to massage it into the skin, using as much or as little as you feel is necessary.
Step 3:  Take a hot towel or washcloth and place it over the skin, letting the pores open up to deeply absorb the oil.  Leave the towel on until it cools.  You may want to repeat a few times.  It's up to you!  Listen to your skin!
Step 4:  Rinse with warm water.  You can use the washcloth to remove any extra debris, makeup, or dirt - but you really don't need to.  Rinsing with warm water is usually sufficient to get your skin as clean as it needs to be.  
Step 5:  If your skin is dry or if you feel you need a little more moisture, use a little more of the oil blend to hydrate as needed.  All done!

Disclaimer:  You're going to want to touch your skin - and have everyone else touch it too, because it's going to be really freaking soft.  This is why we named our first oil blend HippieLuxe.  

There you have it.  Oil cleansing really is a simple effective way to support healthy, balanced skin.  Try it, love it, and let us know what you think!  
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Hello, My Sister got me some of your products for Christmas. The cleanser; scrub and the toner spray. I used the oil cleanser last night. I am totally in love! I have oily skin, I have wrinkles, I have adult acne. I usually wake up looking like a prune! I woke up today with supple soft skin! That is after ONE USE! OMG…. THANK YOU! I did not even have to wear as much makeup as I usually do just to look kinda human. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE PRODUCTS!,

Tracy Clark

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