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Hippie Fresh - Because Hippies Don't HAVE to Stink!


Seems like a good concept in theory, but you're terrified to make the leap.  Right?  The concept of odorless pits without chemicals - is it even possible?  
But, there are some very important steps that MUST be taken, and we're going to outline them here.  First, a little background:  The commercial stuff.  You've been rubbing it into your armpits since you can remember.  Keeping an extra in your purse, in your gym bag - and we've all made the mistake of leaving it in our car during the summer.  So basically years and years of yuckiness has gone into your armpits.  The compounds in these commercial brands are meant to block odor and stop sweat.  Now research suggests that prolonged use of these compounds can lead to breast cancer, among other things.  Yikes!
So you've decided you want to try a different approach, and you've ordered your Hippie Fresh.  It smells fantastic and you can't wait to try it out, especially since you've heard such great things!  
Hippie Fresh Kit
Hold the Phone, Eager Hippie!
You HAVE to detox!
Health nut or not, detox is a word most people have a love/hate relationship with.  It usually means a short period of pain and suffering followed by short-lived bliss.  When it comes to going natural with your pits, the first part may or may not be true; however, the bliss is LONG lived.  Hooray! Results will vary with each individual, so please be patient!  Ready?  Here's how to get glorious, non smelly pits - even after hosting a baby shower with 20 people in 80 degree heat on a mid summer day, when your AC can't seem to pump fast enough so it's really like 95 degrees inside your house.  When your crazy auntie asks to smell your pits, bare em with pride!  (This may or may not have actually happened ).  


Throw away your old stuff!  Put it in the garbage and get rid of it.  If you don't, you MIGHT be tempted to go back to it, and then you'll have to start all over again.  Next step?  Don't wear any deodorant for at least 2 weeks.  Wait, WHAT?  I know, it sucks.  But I'm serious.  This is the BEST way.  Winter is usually a good time to do this - after Christmas and holiday parties are over.  
Disclaimer:  You're going to STINK.  And it's going to be unlike any stink you've ever stunk.  Feel free to wash your pits 3-4 times per day with mild soap and water.... I did!  
If you have to - you can lightly mist Hippie Fresh spray on during this time if it's really bad and you need to socialize with other humans.  
Why does it smell so horrifying?  Oh, no big reason really - it's just all the chemicals and nastiness making its way back out of your body.  You may also see some minor breakouts here as your pores begin to unclog.  Don't fret!  It won't last forever.  They're just doing what pores are supposed to do.


Once you've completed your detox (you will have a good idea of when this is, just listen to your skin) you can start using Hippie Fresh Paste, hooray!  Please be advised that Hippie Fresh does contain baking soda, which can be irritating to the skin, so it's important not to over-apply.  
Here's how I apply my Hippie Fresh:  
1.  Mist Hippie Fresh Spray onto the skin.  Let it dry.  
2.  Apply a small dab of Hippie Fresh Paste to the armpit.  Do not rub, smear, or overdo it.  You really just need a little.  I promise!
You're all set!  This should last all day - and after detoxing, you may find you don't even need to wear deodorant every day!  I know it sounds counter-intuitive for a company that makes natural deodorant to say that you really don't need it every day, but we're all about honesty and simplicity here.  If you don't need it, don't use it.  I really only wear mine about once a week these days, but I do use the Fresh Spray every day.  You'll learn to know what your hippie pits need!  

There you have it Hippies, glorious pitties await.  Love your Face!  And your Pits!

Namaste!  ~ Bethany

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