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5 Minute Makeup with Bethany

Seriously... who has time to spend with little sponges, powders, concealers, and what does "baking" even mean?

Bethany has simplified the process.  Follow along for her quick tips on 5 minute makeup that's flawless and natural!

YEAH.  We know it's a 10 minute video... but subtract the talking and we're golden!  Also, we're not exactly pros... haha.


Click HERE for the LOVE YOUR FACE KIT, which includes the concealer, powder and buki brush.

Click HERE for Hippie Dust Foundation.  (Hint:  Bethany uses a darker shade for bronzer, or you can use Hippie Dust in Copper)

Click HERE to find Hippie Dust in Cocoa, used for Bethany's eyebrows and eyeliner.

Click HERE to find our super sweet vegan bamboo brush kit, which includes all the brushes you'll ever need for flawless application!

Click HERE to find Hippie Lashes vegan mascara.

Click HERE to find your perfect shade of Lippie Hippie lip and cheek tint.


QUESTIONS? Have you tried the look?  Let us know how it went!

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