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3 Tips for Spring Cleaning your Skin Care Routine

Ever noticed how spring seems to bring ALL the things?  

Yes, we totally love it - it gets warmer, greener, and everything is in bloom.  But also with spring comes pollen, allergies, and irritated skin.  If you're noticing more redness, dryness, or inflammation, take note of these 3 tips for spring cleaning your skin:  


Say it with me, EX. FOLI. ATE.  If you're noticing more flaky patches of skin, it's a sign that you need more moisture!  However, you don't want to just moisturize all the dead skin cells chillin on the surface of your skin, hoping it will get to the dermal layer below.  Ya gotta slough em off, hippie!  We love the daily exfoliant effects of Hippie Honey raw honey scrub, but sometimes you need something a bit more intense.  

TRY THIS:  Mix 2 tbsp raw sugar, 1 tbsp raw cocoa powder, 2 tsp pink Himalayan sea salt, and 1 tbsp avocado oil (olive, hempseed, and jojoba work well too).  Mix until it forms a scrubby paste, and apply to face in upward circular motions.  Use the leftover mix for a full body scrub while in the shower.  Leave on for 5 mins, then rinse with warm water.  Note:  This will get messy!  Just make sure to rinse the tub afterward or you'll be getting some weird looks from your family members.  


If your skin is looking a little dull, inflamed, or if you've got some new patches of angry little red dots popping up, it may be time for a good clarifying sesh.  We love the Hippie Skin Charcoal Detox Masque, which is loaded with activated charcoal, bentonite clay, spirulina and vitamin C for a soothing, refreshing, natural skin detox.  This can be used up to once per week during seasonal transitions to help skin rejuvenate.  We pair it with the Hippie Fresh Cooling Spray for an added boost of alcohol-free witch hazel and tea tree essential oil.  


It may be time to switch things up in the moisture department.  What works well during the winter months may need some tweaking as the weather warms up. Opt for lighter moisturizers layered over a simple hyaluronic serum.  We recommend Hippie Silk moisturizing oil blend, and Hippie Gold and Golden Hippie hyaluronics for soft, dewy skin.  Don't forget to add sunscreen!  

And as always, drink plenty of water!  Hydrated cells are happy cells!  

Remember, your skin knows best - if you're listening, it will tell you what it needs!  What are your favorite springtime remedies for skin detox?  


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