Self-Care Steps that Could Be Amazing for Your Mental Health

Self-Care Steps that Could Be Amazing for Your Mental Health

Life is really freaking hard right now.

We have the 'Rona, riots, political uncertainty, Black Lives Matter, and none of us really know what normal is at the moment, or if a new normal is even on the horizon.  While we certainly welcome change for the better (ahem... BLM), even good change can be taxing on our stress levels, negatively impacting our health (and skin!).  In the midst of these crises, we've asked a guest blogger to give us some thoughts about how we can take extra care during these strange times. Check it out below:

Self Care - Thought Catalog - Hippie Skin

When you're feeling stressed, taking time for self-care is one way to enhance your mental health.

That said, not everyone has the time or money for spa days or shopping trips. Fortunately, there are simple self-care steps that are also amazing for your mental health.

Look at How (and What) You Eat

Eating well is a stepping stone toward better overall health. However, your eating habits are also an essential factor. Snacking mindlessly, for example, adds a ton of extra calories and ultimately contributes to guilt caused by these bad habits. On the other hand, selecting healthier snacks can be beneficial for your overall wellness.

Being more mindful about your eating, as well as choosing the right foods, is a great and simple way to boost mental health. For example, eating avocados, beets, bananas, and carrots may help ward off symptoms of depression while helping you stay fit.

Ease Financial Burdens in Small Steps

Finances are a significant source of stress for many Americans. In fact, 44 percent of Americans are most stressed over money. Unfortunately, there’s no magic solution to stop worrying about money — or make a ton more of it. The good news is that you can find ways to cut costs and ease your financial burden, which can make daily life more bearable.

For example, budgeting strategies like planning a shopping list before going to the store and cutting your home energy costs can add up. You can also call service providers like your cell phone carrier or internet provider and ask about discounts.

Another way to cut costs is to refinance your home. According to Redfin, refinancing can help lower your monthly mortgage payment, or you can refinance to take advantage of the equity in the property, which means cash in hand for emergencies.

Adding a few dollars back into the monthly financial equation can make a big impact over time, not to mention help you breathe a little easier.

Talk to Someone About Your Stress

Many people who struggle with their mental health feel like there’s no simple solution to their challenges. But in many cases, reaching out is the first and most significant step. Obtaining therapy can be both affordable and rewarding for your self-care routine.

Check your insurance coverage to find out if your policy covers mental health services. Health plans like Medicare Part B typically offer coverage for such services, but you should find out whether your current plan includes counseling support. Keep current with your insurance plan, too, to make sure you don’t miss out on essential benefits.

Try Natural Remedies for Peace of Mind

Regardless of what ails you, sometimes traditional medicine isn’t the solution. Especially if the root of your illness or skin problem is anxiety, turning to natural remedies first could help. Plus, many natural solutions can help ease your overwhelm and bring calm back into your life.

For example, many folks swear by diffusing essential oils to feel more relaxed. Psychology Today confirms that lavender essential oil, for example, can have neurologically therapeutic effects. Which brings us to the next point.

Schedule Time for Relaxation

“Me time” is something that’s good for everyone, and it doesn’t matter how you spend it. Using your free time to relax and binge-watch your favorite show can even do wonders for stress reduction, explains the Daily Collegian.

The key to self-care is finding something you enjoy for your decompression time. Then, when it’s time to get back to life as usual, you can return feeling rejuvenated. You’ll feel more prepared to handle the challenges that come your way, but you might also be more productive when you get back to work.


While making time for self-care isn’t always easy, it’s worth the effort. By focusing inward, you can adjust your mindset and behavior for better mental health. Overall, a focus on self-care can help you be happier, less stressed, and enjoy life more.

After spending most of his time in a corporate setting and neglecting his own self-care far too long, Brad Krause embraced his calling and decided to become a full-time life coach. He now spends the rest of his life helping people get a better foothold on their wellness above all else. Find more of his work at 
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