Winter Tips for Keeping Your Skin Fresh

Winter Tips for Keeping Your Skin Fresh

Winter is coming... 

Oh wait, it's totally here.  And along with it comes dry, cracked, lackluster skin.  So what can you do about it?  

Bethany has taken some time to list out a few tips for keeping skin fresh and happy during the blah winter months:  


It's no secret that well-hydrated skin is happy skin.  Did you know dry skin can make skin look older?  Who wants that?? Luckily it doesn't have to be rocket science to give your skin a good hydrating boost.  Follow these tips for a plump, glorious glow that will have your friends wondering if you just got back from a vacay:  

1. Hydrate internally!  Yes, that means drink lots of water.  A properly hydrated body leads to properly hydrated skin - go figure!  It's recommended that healthy adults drink eight 8-oz glasses per day.  Work with your doctor or health coach to figure out what's best for you and reap not only the skin benefits, but the many, many benefits that water intake has for your body!

2.  Add an extra layer of humectant to your skin before applying moisturizer.  We loooooove hyaluronic serums for this.  If you're finding that your moisturizer isn't lasting all day, or if you're still getting flaky or tight skin after applying your moisturizer, it may be time to add a hyaluronic serum.  These humectants work to draw moisture to the skin and hold it there - giving your skin a boost and making your moisturizer more effective!  Learn more about our hyaluronic serums by clicking HERE.


We totally feel like a broken record here (does anyone even use that phrase anymore??) but it really is important!  Dry skin can cause extra build up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, and those can in turn clog pores and cause more issues.  A weekly exfoliation routine is paramount.  We love the Turmeric and Neem hydrating exfoliant scrub by Hippie Skin.  Follow with a gentle neutralizing oil and voila!  Hydration, baby!

Self Care Soak: 

Okay, this just SOUNDS amazing.  Winter time is the time for inward reflection, slowing down and settling in.  It makes a lot of sense then that we would want to take the time for some extra self care.  My favorite is an Ayurvedic method called Abhyangha, which you may have seen from us before. 

Here's how to do it:  

Find a nice, soothing oil blend that feels good to you.  For winter, we typically recommend warming oils like hempseed or sesame.  (Hippie Silk is a great option for this, or simply grab something out of your pantry!)  Get the steam going in your bathroom by running a hot shower to fill up your bathtub (we will be using this later).  If you have a steam room, even better!  

*Note, if you have eczema or severely dry skin, soaking in hot water may aggravate the skin more - we recommend using warm or even cool water for irritated skin.

Beginning at the top of your head (yes, all up in your hair) start massaging the oil into your scalp and working your way down over your face, neck, and all over your body.  The idea is to get it into all of your skin.  Don't be afraid to be liberal here - we want the oils to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin.  Once you've applied your oil, you can step into the nice warm bath, or you can choose to wait a few more minutes before immersing yourself into the water.  Do what feels good to you!  

Soak in the warm water as long as you'd like, and when you're ready, wash your hair as normal, but do not use soap to wash away the oil.  Let the water rinse away the excess, then towel dry.  

Your skin will feel amaaaaazing and your body will thank you.  To read more about the benefits of Abhyanga, check out this article by Healthline.

What skin routines do you find yourself moving to in the winter?

We'd love to hear!  Share your stories or comments below!

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