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Creative Ways to Recycle Glass Jars

With earth consciousness taking center stage, we're all turning to packaging... which really is better? 

Obviously plastic is toxic to our planet and its inhabitants.  But is throwing away glass really much better?  We think not.  But while plastics are usually a one and done use, glass offers much more variety.  Some small or local companies will allow you to return your glass jars for in store credit or cash, and there are many ways to reuse glass in your home.  Read on to learn how!

If it's glass, see if you can return it for a credit!  If not, here are some creative ways to reuse your glass and help the planet.


Try using them as mini pots for succulents - sprinkle some sand or rocks in the bottom, fill with cactus soil, and add succulents.  Voila!  They make GREAT gifts, and you'll never have to wonder if you over watered.... Bonus:  Wrap some twine around the lip and it give it a sweet boho chic look.  


Fill with cotton balls, Q-tips, or other bathroom necessities.  A cute way to display the less than glamorous items in your house.  Also works with nails, thumbtacks, etc.



Turn narrow necked glass jars into soap dispensers.  Most craft stores, as well as Amazon carry pumps that fit on most bottles.  Bonus:  Make your own liquid soap with castille, olive or avocado oil, and essential oils.  



With a little paint, you can transform glass jars to fit just about any decor.  TIP:  Use varying sizes and heights to create visual interest on a mantle or as a centerpiece.  Fill jars with a bit of sugar and place a votive inside for a neat table centerpiece.  

Photo by Mateusz Jagiello



Create a fun craft for yourself or with your kiddos that keeps on giving even after it's complete!  Fill a jar with vegetable glycerin, a dab of dish soap, water and glitter.  Glue the lid on, and next time you're feeling stressed, shake that bad boy and feel the calm as you watch the glitter settle.  Snow globe memories, anyone?  This is a fantastic tool for teaching kiddos mindfulness, although you may want to take caution when giving an angry child a glass object... 



It seems too simple to work, but throw some pens in your glass jar and be wowed by how tasteful it looks on your desk!  


The possibilities are endless!  Show us how you use yours for a chance to be featured on our Insta!  

For information about our Hippie Green recycling program, click HERE.

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Do you ever have vendor booths here is Salt Lake? I gave a few jars(all clean) that you can reuse

Sue Gerber

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