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Get Out There and Shine, Hippie!  Hippie Dust Foundations are ALL natural, Vegan, Cruelty Free and Gluten Free.  Plus, they provide amazing coverage with lightweight feel, and even a little sun protection.  Is this for real?  Finish off your look with our lightweight Setting Powder with Aloe to extend wear and look fabulous all day! 

This item is being discontinued - please note we will not be restocking once it is gone!

We have worked hard to provide a natural, sustainable and eco-friendly mineral foundation that feels and looks great on all skin types.  We also like giving you a lot of it - about 3 times more than the average leading mineral brand, at an 11 gram fill, meaning it will last soooo much longer.  #hippiesforthewin


Not Sure Which Color to Choose? We recommend using our Mini Swatches to determine your best color, as our foundations do go on much lighter than they appear, and we cannot accept returns on opened products.  

**We recommend using Hippie Dust over our Hippie Glow makeup primer for best results.  Get it HERE.

To learn more about our mineral makeup, click HERE.


Mixture of colored micas and zinc, titanium and iron oxides.  (If you would like specific color information, please email us at

Setting Powder:  Mica, Organic Aloe Leaf Powder (5g fill)


To view the color on your screen, choose the corresponding shade from the drop down menu.  Colors may look different on your screen.

NUDE:  For the fairest of the Hippies.  Very light and translucent with a neutral tone.
TAN OPAL:  For the fairest Hippies with slightly warmer undertones.  
YELLOW OPAL:  Still for the fairest Hippies with yellow undertones.  
MACCHIATO:  Our most versatile blend for fair skin tones.  Covers a wide range of neutral fair skin tones with slightly pink undertones.  *If you're prone to redness, this foundation covers it very well!
MOON:  Still fair, but with more neutral undertones.  
SUN:  Fair, warm undertones.
CAPPUCCINO:  Neutral light brown skin tones with slightly pink undertones. (Being discontinued - get at clearance while it's still available!)  
MOCHA:  For golden skinned hippies - neutral olive skin tones with yellow undertones.  
LATTE:  Slightly darker light brown skin tones with neutral undertones.  
ELM:  Warm, brown skin tones with strong yellow undertones.  
ESPRESSO:  Warm, slightly darker brown skin tones with hints of yellow.
HAZELNUT:  Warm, darker brown skin tones with red undertones.  
AMERICANO:  Slightly more neutral dark brown skin tones with hints of red undertones.  
CHESTNUT:  Deep, dark brown skin tones with hints of red undertones.  
DARK CHOCOLATE:  Deep, rich, dark brown skin tones with warm undertones.
SETTING POWDER:  Smooth, matte, lightweight sheer powder to absorb shine and even out skin tone.



Kris and Kelli - Hippie Skin

Tanishia and Kallie - Hippie Skin

Nnylah and Blanca - Hippie Skin