Don't wanna commit until you can try it?  No worries!  We got you!  

Our sample kits come with a sampling of 3 matte pigments and 3 shimmer pigments.  These can be used as eyeshadow, highlight, or bronzer/contour and each has enough uses to give you a good idea of how they look and feel! Ships within 2 business days.  

For more info about the ingredients we use in our makeup, click HERE


Hippie Skin Sand Natural Pigmented Eye ShadowSand:  A light, earthy matte pigment with gorgeous glide.  Use as highlight under brows or as an all over shadow for a nice natural look.

Hippie Skin Earth Natural Pigmented Eye Shadow

Earth:  Rust colored, earthy matte pigment with amazing glide.  Use in the crease of your eye to add a little depth and drama.

Hippie Skin Fire Natural Pigmented Eye Shadow

Fire One of our owner's favorites!  She uses this deep fire pigment as bronzer and eyeshadow, applied in the crease for drama.



Hippie Skin Sol Natural Pigmented Eye Shadow

Sol:  One of our most popular pigments, and for good reason!  This shimmery highlight sits beautifully on the skin.  We use it under our brows and around the outside of our eye to highlight our cheekbones.

Hippie Skin Copper Natural Pigmented Eye Shadow

Copper:  We have yet to meet a skin tone this pigment didn't absolutely look brilliant on!  Seriously.  Everything you love about bronzer in one shimmery pigment.  We use for bronzer and eyeshadow.

 Hippie Skin Cocoa Natural Pigmented Eye ShadowCocoa:  For brows, a smokey eye, eyeliner, or contour.  The options are limitless with this gorgeously dark, shimmery pigment.  



 *Colors may appear different on your screen - SAMPLE sizes only. You will receive a total of 6 shadows per kit.



Jade - Hippie Skin
Jade is wearing Hippie Dust in Macchiato for foundation, Hippie Dust Copper for shadow and contour, Hippie Lashes Mascara and Lippie Hippie in Soft Pink.