They're Back!  Treat the best Hippies in your life with some Minis in their stockings!  These Minis last on average about 1-2 weeks and are great for traveling as well!

Get em while they're hot!  These little bitties are ONLY available during the holidays!

Choose from:

Hippie Honey Raw Cleansing Scrub*:  Raw honey & natural sugar crystals gently slough away dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and vibrant.

Hippie Luxe Cleanser / Moisturizer:  This gentle oil blend removes makeup and dirt while moisturizing skin.

Hippie Glow Intensive Serum / Makeup Primer:  Loaded with antioxidants, wear this oil blend overnight as an intensive serum or under makeup for the smoothest application ever.

Hippie Fresh Paste Natural Deodorant*:  Because Hippies don't have to stink!  Seriously though, this paste is just the right balance of deodorizing ingredients and powder to keep you feeling dry.

Hippie Fresh Spray Natural Deodorant Spray / Cooling Mist:  Keep it in your purse, your travel kit, or in your day pack.  We use it anywhere from straight out of the shower to out on the trails!

Hippie Mist Toning Spray:  With apple cider vinegar and alcohol-free witch hazel, this toner is the perfect compliment to any skin care routine.  Use after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Hippie Balm.Calm Hand & Body Lotion*:  All the goodness you crave from a good body lotion, without all the parabens, fillers, and yuckiness. 


Want us to put it in a cute little box for you?  Choose gift wrap from our store, and we'll do it up!

0.5 oz ea - ships within 2 business days.  

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