Our Hippie System Travel Kit makes it easy to try going natural without breaking the bank... seriously!  

This kit includes the original natural lineup of Hippie Skin created by Bethany, owner of Hippie Skin.  When she couldn't find a good natural solution on the market, she created her own!  It's the perfect intro to Hippie Skin products.  *If used daily, this set will last about 1-2 weeks on average.  Ships within 2 business days.


Mini Hippie Luxe cleanser/moisturizer:  Removes makeup and dirt from the day, moisturizes skin.  One product, TWO uses!  And it makes your skin feel really freaking soft!

Mini Hippie Honey daily exfoliant scrub:  Made with raw, locally sourced honey, the natural sugar crystals in this delightful scrub slough away dead skin cells.  We use it in the morning before starting our day!

Mini Hippie Mist toning spray:  We follow Hippie Honey with a spritz of toning spray.  It's important to tone the skin after cleansing, as it prepares the skin for moisture.  Ours has raw apple cider vinegar for an extra dose of skin love!  Wait til it dries, then apply moisturizer if needed.  

*Comes packaged in recycled Kraft box. 

**Please note, your packaging may look slightly different as we continue to face supply chain shortages due to Covid-19.  The products remain the same!

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