Why Do Our Products Keep Going Out of Stock?

Why Do Our Products Keep Going Out of Stock?

We know, it's super annoying.

Like, why can't we just get it together?  

As with much of 2020, blame COVID.


We will continue to do our very best to get you the products you love and need!

The impacts of COVID are starting to rear their ugly heads, specifically with regard to our packaging suppliers.  They are USA based, but due to having to shut down and reduce operations as well as staff, lead times are significantly longer.

We have taken this into account and are ordering supplies well in advance, but we have noticed that since April, items are out of stock with no restock date.

Our supply has gotten us through until just recently; however, we are now waiting on our suppliers.  If you see items go out of stock, please give us a little patience and know we are working as quickly as possible to get your items back on our shelves. If you receive an item in a different package, or if the label doesn't fit as well as you're used to, please understand we are having to make adjustments just to get your product to you, and we are hopeful things will eventually return to normal.

As always, your support of small business is paramount and appreciated more than you know.  

Thanks for continuing to believe in us!

If you have questions or comments, please reach out! sales@hippieskin.com


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