What's Up with Packaging?

What's Up with Packaging?

You may have noticed that your Hippie Skin looks different.  Here's why...

2021 has been a doozy... even more so than 2020 it seems!  Supply chain started to have issues for us back in November of 2020, and unfortunately in 2021 it just got worse.  We were only able to receive 2 full shipments of our regular packaging in the entire year, which has left us scrambling to fulfill demand with alternative packaging.  

Our commitment to sustainable packaging has not wavered - tbh there was a point during the summer that we thought we might be forced to move to plastic, but luckily we didn't have to.

As of September, we weren't sure if we were going to be able to have any holiday sales, but a shipment ordered in May of 2021 was finally delivered in October, and it's enough to get us through.  

We're not sure when supply chain issues will improve, but we are so glad you're here - and we will ALWAYS do our best to deliver the quality and aesthetic you deserve.

Love Your Face!

The Hippie Team

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