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Bethany - Hippie Skin Natural Skincare and Cosmetics

The story of Hippie Skin begins like so many others. 

I had a problem with my skin, and conventional methods just weren't fixing it.  I'm a natural girl by, erm... nature, so harsh chemicals and prescriptions were something I wanted to avoid.  My skin was so imbalanced and I was dealing with deep hormonal acne and small breakouts, and the emotional stress it was causing was just too much.  If you've ever been there, you know.  Waking up in the morning, walking to the mirror and seeing a deep, red sore on your face - and knowing it will be weeks before it's gone, just to be replaced with another.  It's incredibly frustrating.  

I tried organic - and was irritated to pay $60 for a jar of cream that only listed the first 3 ingredients as organic, and then it was back to chemicals and other things I couldn't pronounce.  So frustrating!!  We as the consumer have to be our own detectives when it comes to skincare, and it was at this point I decided there HAD to be a better way.  This opened me up to the tireless research that eventually led me to discover an ancient system of health that uses the fundamental principles of nature to impart true and lasting well being. Being a yogi for over 20 years, I naturally turned to natural methods and in turn, Ayurveda.

Of the guiding principles of Yoga & Ayurveda, balance naturally takes the center stage and with this in mind, I finally took charge of my health and my skin. 

I began with research and added equal parts of simplicity and experimentation.

When I began with Hippie Luxe, it didn't take long for friends and family to take notice of the change in my skin and they wanted in. 

Then, using balance as our focus, we slowly and carefully crafted it into what it is today.  Using the highest quality ingredients and keeping our skincare affordable has been the foundation upon which we've built these products.  Along the way of course came a thousand wonderful suggestions for other products we can offer.  

It was through this trajectory that Hippie Skin's true mission emerged:

I noticed that people were coming to me asking me to fix the things they hate about themselves.  Wanting to heal acne because it's painful and damages confidence is one thing - but looking in the mirror and hating your nose, your lips, or your eyes is another.  "What can you do to fix my..." became a norm in our studio, and being the entrepreneur that I am, I began thinking of what to do about this self-hate that is SO much more prevalent than I had ever imagined!

Our mission became clear:  Hippie Skin needs to eradicate the social norms surrounding beauty:  That you have to be a certain size, color, etc in order to be beautiful. 

We broke this down as deep as we could go.  Why do we feel that we aren't enough as we are?  What are we seeing in media that makes us feel like we are less than?   The truth of it was horrifying:  We only see what media decides is beauty:  Mostly white women, tall, size 2 or less, with perfectly airbrushed skin.  So we aim to show ALL women of ALL sizes and ALL skin types in our media.  We want you to see yourself out there - because how can you feel confident in your skin if you don't see anyone who looks like you out there?  

We are committed to showing our models as they are: Only minor adjustments to light and that's it.  No airbrushing, no correcting.  Just real hippies.

We also ship an affirmation card with every order to remind you that you're perfect, just the way you are.

We hope to expand this mission as we grow, and we hope you and your loved ones appreciate the steps we are taking to Break the Boundaries of Beauty.

Our process of research, formulation, and experimentation is ongoing.  

It is perhaps one of the greatest points of pride that I can assure you of the safety of this product because it has only ever been tested on me and my darling loved ones.  All of the skincare blends that make up Hippie Skin are 100% natural and organic whenever possible, therapeutic grade, and plant-based. 

I invite you to try out our skincare, or gift it to a loved one - inspire confidence and true beauty with our natural lineup of products and know that it has been created with intention and love in small batches from a woman owned entrepreneur on a mission to change the world, one hippie at a time!

Namaste!   ~ Bethany


Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster
Hi! My name is Hannah Foster and I am opening an online refillery in Salt Lake City, Utah. We would love to carry some of your products! Foster’s Refillery is an online store loosely based on a milkman model. Customers order goods online, then we pick up their containers, refill them, and drop them back off. You can check out our website at fostersrefillery.com. We plan to have an official launch after the CODID-19 pandemic is under control. I would love to talk logistics about bulk wholesale, and get the ball rolling! Looking forward to hearing from you! Best regards, Hannah
Hi Nisha, I’m sorry if my story was offensive to you. It was not meant to attack an entire profession but I do feel very strongly that on my particular journey, I never encountered physicians such as yourself. Diet was never discussed, only medications. They were probably great doctors in other areas – but for me, I’m actually grateful this happened, because it forced me to do my own research and find my own path to wellness. This is my story, and I know a lot of people in the same boat. We can only hope that more like you, who care, and worry about their patients, will become the forefront of western medicine. My story is not meant to be negative – it’s meant to inspire others, whether they use our products or not. Namaste.
Nisha Baur
Nisha Baur
I’m a doctor and I’m sad if you came across a physician that didn’t care, but must of the physicians I know talk about weight and nutrition especially for the symptoms in your story. I was interested in your product but not when the first line is derogatory to an entire profession. I stay up countless hours worrying about my patients and although I’m glad you found the courage to change your life, sharing a blame or negative story to sale products is offensive. I hope you change your story to one of courage and hippie for others instead of what physicians can’t do…as we can’t make humans change but only encourage that metamorphisis

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