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Bethany - Creator, Founder and CEO of Hippie Skin
 Bethany Forest, Creator, Founder, and CEO of Hippie Skin - the OG Hippie.

About Hippie Skin: 

Founded in 2014 by a hippie on a budget with a passion for clean beauty, Hippie Skin offers a wide range of natural skincare and cosmetics designed with integrity, research, and intention.  We know you work hard to be healthy and you want a natural brand you can trust, a brand that inspires you, and a brand who shows up for you. 


For the naturally minded hippie, mom, nurse, or traveler who suffers from the discomfort and frustration of skin breakouts, redness, inflammation and a lack of self confidence as such, Hippie Skin is a natural skincare line that utilizes the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and the oil cleansing method to provide a simple, affordable natural remedy for healthier skin.  Unlike other natural product companies, Hippie Skin is committed to a truly natural, clean product with easily recognizable raw ingredients, full transparency from supply chain to packaging, and sustainable, high quality luxury oil blends. 

Our company believes in the innate beauty within all of us and we are committed to inspiring and celebrating the unique traits that make up the fabric of the human race.  

Hippie Skin was created initially using the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda to craft high quality oil blends that help to support pH balance and overall skin health.  What we found was that Hippie Skin is a simple, intuitive system that works with nearly all skin types, whether you have red, irritated skin, dry skin or normal skin, and our community of hippies is all about empowering others not just to have healthier skin, but to truly shine healthier from within.  

At Hippie Skin, we are passionate about:  


We don't use plastics, because plastics can leach chemicals into the product.  We also aim to reduce our carbon footprint, and recycling is a huge deal to us.


At Hippie Skin, we are passionate about creating truly natural, clean products. We don't use fillers EVER, and we maintain a strong commitment to minimal to NO preservatives.  


We believe you can have the cleanest product in the world, but if it doesn't work then what's the point?  We believe in creating products that work!  We are passionate about product that your skin will love and that you can feel good about using.

At Hippie Skin, we are all about celebrating the new hippie culture:  The unconventional beauties, promoting change in our world, and our own personal quests for enlightenment in a world full of noise.  We love all hippies and we want to inspire and empower all hippies. 

We love our community, we love our planet, and we Love Your Face!


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My name is Hannah Foster and I am opening an online refillery in Salt Lake City, Utah. We would love to carry some of your products!

Foster’s Refillery is an online store loosely based on a milkman model. Customers order goods online, then we pick up their containers, refill them, and drop them back off. You can check out our website at fostersrefillery.com. We plan to have an official launch after the CODID-19 pandemic is under control.

I would love to talk logistics about bulk wholesale, and get the ball rolling!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Hannah Foster

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