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 As a strong proponent for my luxury Sephora products and a sucker for beautifully branded packaging, I was reluctant to try a new skincare line that didn’t have the recognition of my holy grail products that have taken years to nail down. I certainly wasn’t in search of replacements, but happened to stumble across HippieSkin through a friend of a friend. 

I read through every word of’s website at least five times before I actually considered purchasing some or the entire product line; thankfully they offer a Trial Kit which includes everything! And considering the kit itself was a fourth the cost of just one of my holy grail lux products, I was comfortable taking a chance if it fell short (not to knock all natural products, but I’ve found them to be less effective in general when it came to targeting key issues). 

That said, after a few days over the weekend, I woke up Monday morning with better skin than I had in elementary! I normally have a translucency that makes ever vein and splotch on my skin very evident and a generally uneven tone. I also have redness around my nostrils and a unattractive red splotchy-ness on my cheeks. Granted I’ve been able to combat these issues with my luxe brands, but without them I have a less than ideal complexion. 

I could not believe how much healthier my skin looked and felt after using HippieSkin for one weekend. My tone was more even (not perfect, but considerably more even). It appeared bright, plump, glowy, and very silky soft. The red splotches were diminished/brightened and a stubborn red blemish scar that refused to fade, actually decreased in size a noticeable amount. My skin feels light and clean, pores appear less enlarged/stretched. Clear and Supple are the best ways to describe the effects. 

I also have a very oily complexion, so nearly ever product (sans oil) makes my skin worse! I was a little fearful HippieSkin would exasperate the problem, but it just absorbed so quickly and I almost feel less oily than I ever have. You only need to use the tiniest amount of product as well – which I love!

I have been a die-hard advocate of the following products. And although I achieve similar results, HippieSkin is a fraction of the cost and has replaced these products in terms of effectiveness over a shorter period of time as well as lessened the amount of time it takes to prep my skin in the AM and PM.

Korres Gentle Soy Cleansing Cream - $25
Sunday Riley – Good Genes Serum $105
First Aid Beauty Toning Pads - $30
Nurture Organics Organic Moisturizer - $29
Sunday Riley – Luna Oil - $49
Chanel Primer - $49

I intended to give this product up to 6months to achieve the results I saw in one weekend of using HippieSkin. I had long term high hopes, and was pleasantly surprised at the immediate effectiveness. I love that the cleanser/moisturizer and toning spray alone, have replaced the six products (above) that I typically use. 

I am quite literally telling everyone I know about this product line (girlfriends, parents, friends, and my boyfriend!). Absolutely love it.

Heather O

I was nervous to try a new skin product that doesn't foam up like a soap because in high school I had TERRIBLE acne and all that worked was foamy, lathery stuff. I tried Hippie Skin, original and honey, and I LOVE it. My skin is super soft, my pores are smaller, and my complexion has not only evened out, I have less grease in my t-zone. I love this stuff AND it's all natural! (When the honey accidentally gets in your mouth it tastes delish! Lol)  
- Melody P

"I LOVE my Hippie Skin cleanser and moisturizer. My skin has never looked or felt better!"
Shirlee H

"Favorite skin care after 3 months of trial. Love love love Hippie Skin!"
Nessa N

"I truly LOVE this product!!! I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily. Once I started using the hippie honey and hippie mist my skin has never felt or looked so good. Frankly it feels amazing!!!"  
Sara J

"Your products have CHANGED MY SKIN! Seriously, I was ready to go to the dermatologist and get some heavy scripts because my acne was getting out of control. I CANNOT thank you enough! "
Ashleigh B

"I had been having some really awful skin irritation, probably due to allergies I had to what I was using on my skin (high end products for mature skin) I started using the Hippie line less than a week ago and my skin is literally transformed. I am so thrilled and I love to eat my new skin care products too! Thank you so much for creating these. I am hooked and so impressed."  
Yoga Groove

"I love that there are NO artificial ingredients and the products feel and smell delicious! So far, I have noticed some of my deep pimples are finally starting to surface and my pores seem to be loosening up. Plus, my skin just feels cleaner. I can't wait to see what more time with these products will do! Thanks hippieskin! I'm excited to see what else you will come up with in the future!"  - Melissa D

"I just started your products Hippie Honey, Hippie Luxe & Hippie Mist 3 days ago & can already feel the difference. I luv it!!!!"  
Jennifer P

"I bought your honey and luxe and used each of them tonight - WOW! My skin feels amazing right now. Thank you for a great natural product."  
Carolina F

 "It's been a little over 6 months since my original review and do I still love it? Yes I do! My skin is even better now than in my "after" photos from this post. All natural, actually works and doesn't cost me a fancy dinner date?" ‪#‎win‬ -
- Kimberly B

 "I love #hippieskin because it's made with all natural ingredients and it makes my skin glow. I believe if you're going to put something on your skin it needs to be safe and natural. You don't want chemicals in your body so why put it on your skin. I can't get enough of this product!" 
-Roma R

"My sister told me about #hippieskin so I bought some as a Christmas gift and then got a jar of the honey to try it and love it. My skin has cleared up, my pores appear smaller and I find myself wearing less makeup."
-Stephanie B

"I've been using Hippie Skin for a few weeks and can't believe how much my skin has evened out.  I used to think I had oily skin but after using Hippie Skin I feel like I have normal skin.  NORMAL SKIN!! It's wonderful! And I'm not all shiny in photos anymore.  And the acne around my chin and jawline is clearing up. I can't even believe it!  An added bonus is I actually enjoy and look forward to washing my face twice a day because it's like a mini spa session each time.  I just love Hippie Skin!"
-Jessica H

"My skin gets so horribly dry every winter.  I started using the Hippie Luxe and it's been amazing!  I also love that my 8 year old daughter can use it on her face and I don't have to worry about it containing any harmful ingredients!!"
-Sheena B

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  • I have fallen head over heels in love with Hippie Skin! I am a self proclaimed product junkie on the road to removing all the crap from my skin care and could not be happier with the entire Hippie Skin line. My skin is sooooo soft, clear and the tone has definitely changed (for the BEST) since I’ve been using the Hippie Lux, Hippie Honey and toner…I’m actually finding myself going sans makeup a lot more often then I ever have – which has pretty much been my whole adult life and I’m 46! I’m spreading the Hippie Love out here in AZ…keep up the amazing work!

    Kathy M

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