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This stuff is amazing! I have only been using it for a week and I can't express how wonderful my skin feels. I have tried every cleanser out there. This is the best stuff EVER! - Dawn M, MD
"I love these products. Especially the Hippie Luxe.
I have used it on recently done tattoos and perfect over everything else.
I was in CO for a competition and ended up getting sunburned the first day and used the Hippie Luxe at night and in the morning since I had nothing else to help with the burn. It soothed the pain and I had very very little peeling. 
Awesome product!" - Jessica B, Layton UT
"I tried some of the Hippie Luxe cream at my daughter-in-law's house & loved it immediately. Every day while babysitting her girls I would put a tiny dab on a patch of eczema on my left elbow. Within about four days my eczema was not just better it was completely gone! And this was like a miracle because nothing I 've ever tried ( and I've tried lots of stuff; especially during summer months when I wanted to wear short-sleeved shirts) and nothing I tried ever made it go away. I bought my own jar & I use it for everything now: I'll put some on my elbow once in awhile to keep the eczema from coming back; also on heat rashes; insect bites; & the wrinkles on my face. My house-mate also starting using it on a burn/rash he had on his face from accidently getting a car engine chemical spilled on him while working on his car. He couldn't believe how quickly the Hippie Luxe took it away because for over three months he had tried a lot of other lotions & creams. We are now such huge fans..."  - Gail M, Ogden UT
"My skin gets so horribly dry every winter.  I started using the Hippie Luxe and it's been amazing!  I also love that my 8 year old daughter can use it on her face and I don't have to worry about it containing any harmful ingredients!!" -Sheena B.
"Today my daughter's eczema flared up with this cold weather.  I'm so thankful I had some Hippie Luxe on hand to help soothe her skin. Love these products." -Kelly T, UT
I've been using Hippie Skin for a few months now and I love it! However, I like to use waterproof mascara and have still been using eye makeup remover. The other day, I decided to use Hippie Luxe to remove my eye makeup and it worked like a charm! Thank you Hippie Skin for allowing me to stop using ALL harsh chemicals on my eyes!   - Kate, Salt Lake City UT
I really love your products, the Hippie Luxe Cleanse/Moisturize has already made a difference on my chicken's like it has disappeared!  - Megan C, MO

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