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Hippie Honey, take me away! My nightly ritual is something I look forward to every day. I love the calming scent of the Hippie Honey scrub. It's perfect as a wind-down from a stressful Monday.  - Melissa W
I truly LOVE this product!!! I have sensitive skin that breaks out easily. Once I started using the hippie honey and hippie mist my skin has never felt or looked so good. Frankly it feels amazing!!!  - Sara J
I used Hippie Honey and I fell in love. My face is seriously so soft and it smells so good and it feels so clean." - Kimmy C
This is my very favorite Hippie Skin product! I swear this stuff is magic! After battling acne for TWENTY years, I finally found something that works for my face - Hippie Skin! I use Hippie Honey morning and night and my face is the smoothest it has ever been! Hippie Honey goes on smooth and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean... it smells amazing too!  - Kristen
This is my daughter's favorite product. She has tried many products in the past to help her face stay clean and this is the only one that works. I'm glad that it is all natural and it helps keep her face clean and healthy feeling.  - Stephanie
Love this. I chatted with the creator of Hippie Skin and told her since I turned 30 the texture of my skin has changed. I still have acne but I feel it's also thinner and more prone to damage. It's unfair to deal with acne and have to worry about crows feet. She said she had just the thing and it's honey based, I've used honey serums before so knew they can be great. You just need a little bit of this mix it with some water to soften up. It goes on very smooth. Once I was done my skin felt great. It's exfoliating but not so much that it irritates my sensitive skin.  - Vera S
I use Hippie Honey religiously; it is invigorating and rejuvenating. I'll always follow a face wash with Hippie Mist to ensure my pores stay protected. Even if my face is covered in pimples I feel beautiful after every use!  - Erica

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