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Bethany Tracy


In fact I had great skin until I went on birth control.  I was 17 and was on it for 3 years.  My skin has never been the same since.  I have eczema on my whole body, rosacea, and acne on my face.  I'm young!  I shouldn't be suffering from acne, but I am. 

I heard about Hippie Skin on FB in a group I'm in and right away I knew I needed to try it.  I was fortunate when Bethany said yes to a review, but even if she didn't I still would have purchased these products, and I will continue to purchase them in the future because they have helped me significantly!

Let me tell you, these products are WONDERFUL!!  Right away I noticed how soft and smooth my face was, and though I still have my hormonal acne, I have noticed a difference in my complexion.  It's smoother and more even looking.  I can't wait until my hormonal acne is kicked in the bud!  

I am leery about trying new products on my face because my face is SO sensitive.  I've had it peel before or after using new products.  But Hippie skin has literally changed my life!!


Michigan, US

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