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Carli's Story

I have always had sensitive skin and very noticeable red cheeks.

That redness was a huge insecurity for me, and I tried whatever I could to get rid of it and cover it up. I have used so many different lines of skin care products, from Aveeno to LUSH, and every one of them either made my skin more sensitive, red, dry, or break out a ton.

I heard about Hippie Skin through Facebook and decided to give it a try. I fell in love immediately! First of all, I absolutely love that it’s made with minimal, natural products and essential oils. They smell so good! The difference in my skin was almost immediate. My red cheeks toned down, my skin became incredibly soft, and my blemishes and breakouts pretty much disappeared.

I didn’t need to wear as much makeup and foundation as I used to. Most importantly, I noticed a glow that I hadn’t experienced before; a glow that radiated from the inside out.

I have finally fallen in love with my face, and I can’t thank Hippie Skin enough for helping me find my glow!

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