Hippie Skin Product Review by Mindful Productivity Blog

Bethany Tracy
"Hands down, my most favorite product I tested from Hippie Skin was their Hippie Dust! This stuff is SO gorgeous and the quality of it is amazing. It glides over the skin and has an incredible sheen and shimmer."

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Hippie Skin Talks About ESTEEM on KRCL RadioACTive

Bethany Tracy

About KRCL:  

"90.9fm KRCL is northern Utah’s only non-profit, member-supported public radio station dedicated to broadcasting a well-curated contemporary eclectic mix of music and community information 24 hours a day. KRCL is a non-profit community radio organization, Listeners Community Radio of Utah is heard on the air along the Wasatch Front and Back and streaming worldwide."

"KRCL is unique, there’s not another radio station like it anywhere."

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Click HERE to listen to Hippie Skin's segment on KRCL's RadioACTive

(Our segment is in the last 3rd of the program, but we recommend listening to the whole thing!)

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Hippie Skin YouTube Review by Tiffany

Bethany Tracy

About Tiffany Johnson:  

"I'm a down-to-earth, country gal that just loves to make videos. Here you will see lots of unboxings, couponing videos, life on a goat farm, and other randomness! My goal is to help the viewer (thats YOU!) learn about new things, and sometimes just laugh at me or with me! I hope you will SUBSCRIBE and become a part of my little YouTube family :) New Video EVERY Friday!"

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Hippie Skin Review by Tiffany: Click HERE


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Parenting in Progress Summer Travel Must-Haves

Bethany Tracy

About Parenting in Progress:  

"Author:  Bethany Stout, mother of four.  Bethany holds a masters degree in counseling psychology from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  She worked as an addiction counselor for seven years and is currently retired and focusing on her family.  Hobbies include writing, photography, crafts/DIY, cooking, organization, coloring, travel, and more."  

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Hippie Skin Mentions by Parenting in Progress:  

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Review of Hippie Skin by Tabby's Pantry Blog

Bethany Tracy

About Tabby's Pantry:  

"We are a fun loving family blog.  I have a wonderful husband and a fantastic 8 year old baby boy.  We love everything from beauty to the outdoors.   Cooking is a passion of mine.  There is nothing better then a day filled with family fun and great food."

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Hippie Skin Review by Tabby's Pantry:

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Bethany on Fox 13's The Place Segment

Bethany Tracy
Bethany Tracy, The Hippie Skin Lady told us about oil cleansing method...

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Hippie Skin Review by Mommy's Favorite Things Blog

Bethany Tracy


About Mommy's Favorite Things 

"My name is Heather and I am the writer here at Mommy's Favorite Things. I started this blog in January 2009 as a way to earn extra entries in other giveaways I was entering. However, it has grown into so much more than that in those 9 years. I started blogging more about my life and then started hosting my own blog reviews and giveaways in September 2009. "

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..."Right away I noticed how soft and smooth my face was and even though I still have my hormonal acne, I have noticed a difference in my complexion, it's smoother and more even looking. I can't wait until the hormonal acne is kicked in the bud..."

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Indie Ogden Review and Spotlight

Bethany Tracy
"I am about to do something I didn’t think I would be ok doing, I am going to show off my makeup free face.  As a teen I suffered from awful acne and still have the dark scars as a result. It’s hard for me to go makeup free even when my skin is clear..."

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