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Seriously... who has time to spend with little sponges, powders, concealers, and what does "baking" even mean? Bethany has simplified the process.  Follow along for her quick tips on 5 minute makeup that's flawless and natural! YEAH.  We know it's a 10 minute video... but subtract the talking and we're golden!  Also, we're not exactly pros... haha. GET THE LOOK:     Click HERE for the LOVE YOUR FACE KIT, which includes the concealer, powder and buki brush. Click HERE for Hippie...
The answer may surprise you. Bethany is back with some surprising tips on getting that "natural glow". LOVE YOUR FACE.
What is beauty anyway? Here at Hippie Skin, we take a different approach to beauty. Natural Beauty is revolutionizing the industry, and Bethany is here to tell you all about it. Follow us on YouTube! LOVE YOUR FACE
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