Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Hippie Skin

OUR SHEA BUTTER IS THE BEST.   It comes directly from Ghana and it's seriously sustainable, which we love.  It's also fair-trade, which we love even more.  It also helps support widows in small villages.  So next time you feel super moisturized and marvel at the richness of our products containing shea butter, you can also feel good about supporting women in Ghana.  Read more to learn about FairTaleGhana, our supplier for raw shea butter: SHEA BUTTER - Food for the skin. Fuel...
The Hippie System Tutorial Follow along with Bethany as she outlines how to use The Hippie System for simply great skin! To purchase or read more about the Hippie System, click HERE.
Bethany is back with the Hippie Tip of the week: Feeling blah?  Is your skin acting like it's never been on Earth before?  Are you wondering where all your energy went?   It could be the FALLDRUMS.  Watch to learn more. LOVE YOUR FACE.
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