We NEVER test on animals.

(Most of our products are vegan - just ask!) We LOVE our planet and do everything we can to practice sustainable production.  We also love treating everyone equally, and all of our raw materials are purchased from fair-trade suppliers to the best of our knowledge.  We do our best to shower our team of hippies with praise, love and adoration on the DAILY so that those good vibes get passed on to the products in your hot little hippie hands.  Peace, Love, and Hippie Skin.  



Love Your Face!




Even before we started producing Hippie Skin products, we have been dedicated to sourcing our ingredients, bottling and labeling supplies from fair trade, organically grown, ecologically responsible sources.  It is with this commitment in mind that we devised Hippie Green in order to offset our ecological footprint. To find out how to get a discount on future product by returning your used jars, please click HERE.




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