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Dirt is NOT A Cleanser... What my Boyfriend Learned About Love & Clean Hands

AJ Hunt

But FUHreal... WHY do boys think that rubbing some dirt in their hands is good enough??
I mean, I'm not prissy by any means, but gross. Dudes - it's okay when you're camping, but you really need to wash up, especially if you have (or want) a girlfriend, and here's why:
We want to hold your hand, we really do! But we're not gonna if it feels sticky, clammy, or who knows what else. That's the bottom line. We may not even be consciously avoiding your hand, but guaranteed, if it feels gross, we're gonna be less inclined to want anything to do with it. That's just how it is.
Yeah, we know that you love having dirt on your hands, because it means you work with them, that you've been doing the things that boys do, out getting dirty and being manly and what not.
My sweet boyfriend informed me of this lesson he learned through observation. He found that the more he washes his hands on the reg, the more I hold his hand! Go figure.
So there you have it boys. If you want a girlfriend, you gotta shower more often than you currently do (trust me, we can tell). If you want said girlfriend to hold your hand, you gotta wash em! Furthermore, it could be said that if you want her to hug you, you should probably wash the shirt you picked up off the floor that's been there for who knows how long...
You're welcome.

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