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5 Gifts Under $25 That Will Impress the Crap Out of Hipsters

Bethany Tracy

It's Monday.  You're drinking your morning cup of organic, locally roasted coffee, checking your calendar, and mentally preparing yourself for the week.  You look ahead and right there on your schedule is the Hipster Christmas Party that you are just SO not ready for!  You wonder, for the life, why this particular one sneaks up on you so quickly every freaking year. 
You immediately start going through the list in your head:  What to wear, how to do your hair, what beanie you're going to wear, what side dish you're going to make, and as you're mentally creating a grocery list in your head that likely includes quinoa of some variety, you realize that right there, in the fine print on the invite, it says you're supposed to bring a gift valued at $25.  Panic sets in.  There's so much pressure to get the "good" gifts these days. There is nothing worse than seeing your gift left in the white elephant pile, being tossed around like a hot potato because it's made in China, not the USA, it's not organic, and it's not fair trade!  And these are not just regular people - we're talking about Hipsters!  They will judge the crap out of you, even though they say they're totally chill.  
Okay, okay, we know we seem like we are slamming Hipsters here, but as Hipsters ourselves, it's just one of those things.  You know - you can totally talk bad about your little brother, but the second your friend does, it's ON.  It's like that.  
Don't worry hippie, we've been there a time or two.... and so we put together this list of our favorite gifts under $25 to take your worries away when it comes to gift giving AND winning the Hipster vibe at the party:  

1.  Hippie Skin.  

Natural skin care formulated with sustainability and quality at an
affordable price, Hippie Skin is an edgy indie brand for the win. 
Our top picks for gifts include Hippie Auraperfume for just $8,Hippie Skin Travel Kits from $17, and Hippie MINIS starting at just $3 - create your own kit and let the Hipsters ooh and aah at the amazing smells and organic goodness packaged neatly in a recycled box.  

2.  AndShesDopeToo.

AndShesDopeToo is a world-wide adventure collective of women. They believe in the strength of community and in the power that nature has to heal us all.  ASDT's mission is to connect people and planet with perspective and purpose -to empower and support women everywhere, to protect our beautiful earth. They have a wide variety of awesome outdoor gear in the shop, and they also have an awesome KickStartercampaign going on now raising funds to invest in the future of Nepali women.  What Hipster wouldn't be impressed by that?!

3.  Co-Bi-Co by Parlour Coffee Bar.

Coffee.  Bikes.  Community.  A Hipster's dream. 
The Parlour Coffee Bar is passionate about coffee and the connections it provides for people of all different backgrounds and walks of life.  They also donate 10% of all profits to bike advocacy, so that's pretty sweet.  Co-Bi-Co has a monthly subscription box for under $20, and you can also gift a box, which comes with 3 two-ounce samples along with a brewing and tasting guide.  

4.  Cuppa. 

Do you care about quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing? Yeah, Cuppa does too. Welcome to a cafe in the Ogden community where we believe our choices matter.  With their Organic & Plant Based Menu, plus plenty of space to work or relax, Cuppa is the ultimate Hipster paradise.  This is the only time a Gift Card is NOT going to be boring!!

5.  SoPeacock.  

A Hipster accessory mecca. So Peacock was created with a purpose to give consumers high quality accessories at an affordable price. Their slogan is: "There's No Rules to This and You're Too Pretty to Look for Parking!"  Check out the complete lineup HERE.  

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